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Dellon SV Pro

For when you need precise 3D scanning measurements

The Dellon SV Pro is a high end scope that offers high definition 3D scanning measurement.

The SVPro can display object distance and measure dimensions in real-time, allowing for more intuitive and accurate detection.

The rich 3D depth cloud map provides a reliable guarantee for accurate measurement, and cracks as fine as silk threads can be accurately displayed and measured

VS-P Industrial Scope – Hand held with Dual Display

This dual display scope features a precision tungsten wire braided tube for durability, and 0.95mm-8mm diameter probes which are easily interchanged.

Probe is waterproof, oil resistant and anti-corrosion
It can work normally in water or oil for 30 minutes continuously.

HD5D Industrial Hand Held Videoscope

The HD5D has one of the shortest distal tips on the market, while the rigid end of the bending section is only 13mm long.


This provides superior navigation, allowing access of the insertion tube through curved material or for complex applications.

How to choose a Borescope, Endoscope or Videoscope

We can help you choose the right scope for your specific needs.
See our useful guide or contact us to let us know your requirements.

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