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Dellon PTZ41 Pipe Inspection Camera


PTZ41 pipe inspection camera is a new non-destructive, industrial pipe camera. Combining HD optics and electronic precision, for accurate micro-camera recording and superior detection capability. The camera utilises a high brightness LCD and a micro CCD/ CMOS camera. The video signal is processed and amplified – and clearly presented on a 7-inch LCD screen.

Features include:

  • Good Portability
  • Non-destructive
  • Wide Application
  • Long Detection Distance
  • High Definition Intelligence
  • Outstanding pipeline detection capabilities


This product finds utility across many sectors including: Automobile, Industrial Machinery, Electronics, Petrochemical, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Specialist Surveying, and Construction, amongst others.


The single controller is compatible with cameras of different diameters, including 40mm and 24mm cameras, as well as articulation borescope probes and rigid borescope probes. Suitable for visual inspection of various industrial pipelines with a diameter range of 26m–300m

  • Dual lens quick replacement rigid probe
  • Hard long distance push rod cable
  • 3m wear-resistant tungsten braided insertion probe with 4-way articulation
  • 30m long distance counter, up to 60m customised

Joystick videoscope

  • The joystick controls the 4-way 360° rotation bending no less than 120°
  • One click operation for taking photos and recording videos
  • Button control LED adjustment

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