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Dellon SV Pro Scope


The Dellon SVPro has excellent 3D measurement capability that utilises a high- definition binocular lens.

Integrating optics, electronics, precision machinery and binocular photogrammetry technology.

Point-to-point, point-to-line point-to-surface curve measurement.

  • Point to point
  • Polyline
  • Area
  • Point to line
  • Height
  • Point to face
  • Flaw area


High definition 3D scanning measurement can perform precise 3D measurements.

The SVPro can display object distance and measure dimensions in real-time, allowing for more intuitive and accurate detection.

The rich 3D depth cloud map provides a reliable guarantee for accurate measurement, and cracks as fine as silk threads can be accurately displayed and measured.

Flexible articulation through all-round adjustment of the joystick.

The modular design allows quick replacement of probes while on the job.


This product finds utility across many sectors including: Aviation, aerospace, aircraft engine maintenance.


Camera diameter: 4mm and 6mm
HD: 1,000,000 pixels
Cable length: 2M, 3M
Bending angle: >120°
Motor driven joystick control
LED life: 120,000 hours
LCD size: 6.5 inch touchscreen
Video recording: 1280 x 720 format AVI,ASF
HDMI output
Stereo measurement: Including Point-to-point, point-to-line point-to-surface curve measurement. Measurement accuracy is 0.1~0.2mm and the deviation is 1~2%

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