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FW03 Series Portable Industrial Videoscope


Well suited to: Marine engine inspection, welding inspection, inspection of rust spots on inner surface of pipes and automobile cavity inspection. Interchangeable probes of different diameters are available with quick and easy change out.
The FW03 series has an adjustable bright light source to provide greater inspection ability – an ergonomically designed, handheld smart device with a high definition touch screen for more convenient control. 360° articulation provides easy viewing in tight spaces.


Product size: 260x150x65mm
Weight: 750g
Display: 5.0 inch HD touch screen
Screen resolution: 1280×720
Memory storage 128GB expandable TF card
Data port HDMI, TF card, Type-C
Stand-by time: 4 hours
Brightness adjustment: Multistage brightness adjustment
User interface: Multitasking operating system


  • Image control: 5x zoom, image rotation, picture freezing, picture in picture, picture annotation
  • File management: Supports image/video playback, deleting, formatting
  • Picture format: JPG
  • Video format: MP4
  • Languages: English/Chinese/Japanese/German/French/ Italian/Arabic and more. Total of 16 languages
  • Operating temperature of monitor: 10–50°
  • Operating temperature of probe: 20–70°
  • Relative humidity Maximum: 90%, no condensation
  • Waterproofing grade: Monitor IP55 / Probe IP67

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