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VS-P HD Handheld Industrial Scope with Dual Display


The VS-P series HD handheld industrial endoscope is a 6 inch screen endoscope. The Mega pixel HD display provides clear and detailed picture quality.
It features a precision tungsten wire braided tube for durability, and 0.95mm-8mm diameter probes which are easily interchanged.

The scope comes with a detachable battery and has a dual circuit design.

The remote WIFI connection function to mobile devices provides easy transfer of data and images.

Suitable for use within: Aviation, manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing/repair, industrial manufacturing, wind power and other fields.


360° full way articulation
Rear high power LED optical fibre illumination

6″FHD Touch screen: 1920×1080 pixel display.

Megapixel screen captures every detail with the high resolution camera.

Camera settings can be freely adjusted to suit needs and achieve optimal results.
Photo and video functions

Quick switching between single/dual view
Simply click once on the screen to hide the menu icon and twice to switch between single and dual camera views.

Built in Storage to prevent data loss, also supports TF cards to increase storage space.

Optical fibre lighting is customisable to single/dual light sources, 8 levels of brightness, with white light, UV and Infrared options.

High density tungsten wire material
Durable 360 degrees ergonomic design with corrosion resistance.
0.95~8mm probe diameters options.

IP67 waterproof and oil proof
Probe is waterproof, oil resistant and anti-corrosion
It can work normally in water or oil for 30 minutes continuously.

Uses 18650 4x batteries – working time ≥ 8 h

It has a wide range of applications and can be used in a variety of endoscope detection scenarios


  • 6-inch large screen, high-definition handheld endoscope
  • Probe diameter: 0.95-8mm can be customised
  • Pipeline length: 0.5-10m, the longest customised 30m
  • Camera pixel: ≥1 million

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