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Scope Hire

New Zealand trade only

Due to the complex nature, large variety of scopes on the market and restrictions on sales locations imposed by international manufacturers and suppliers Visiscope Limited will only supply to the New Zealand market.

Get in touch to find out about scopes or other equipment available for hire. 



Yateks Mechanical 360°Industrial endoscope is a newly released product in combination with mechanical 360°articulation function & interchangeable tubes function.
M-series apply mechanical joystick control structure. M-series is protable, weighs only 0.6KG. With the interchangeable tubes funtion, one host can match different diameters & lengths & lens of the insertion tube to meet customers’ various needs and greatly save costs.

Model M615DM

6mm diameter by 1.5 m long probe with dual lens, forward view and side view lens see brochure

Model M415FM

3.9mm diameter by 1.5 m long probe see brochure

Model ADV M325FN

WLS Series 2.8mm diameter by 1.5 m long probe – see brochure

Dellon G Series


G+ series videoscope is adapted cable plug-in-out cable technique. One monitor can be matched to 4mm or 6mm cable.


4.5mm diameter probe by 2 m long probe – see product

6mm diameter probe by 3.5 m long probe – see product


2.8mm diameter by 1.5m long probe – see brochure

Dellon GX Series

he Dellon GX is the latest advance model in the G Series models

Main features

Easy to use touch screen design with interactive menu
 and excellent high-definition display monitor. The controller is compatible with manual probe and electric probe. The unit can support up to a 64GB memory card.

Touch screen allows you to adjust:
• visual noise reduction
• strong light and glare suppression
• shadow detail


3.9mm diameter by 2 m long probe – see brochure


8.4 mm diameter by 3.5 m long probe – see brochure

VS-P HD Dual Display


The VS-P series HD handheld industrial endoscope is a 6 inch screen endoscope. The Mega pixel HD display provides clear and detailed picture quality.


4mm diameter by 1 m long probe with front view lens and side view lenssee brochure