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Visi Smart Device 360 Videoscope


The Visi Smart Device 360 4-Way Articulation Videoscope, is a 360° omnidirectional steering video borescope, designed to use your cell phone as the viewing screen.

This product boasts a remarkable 360° probe steering capability, 210° large bending angle, and real-time screen transmission to Android/Apple smartphones via a data line.

Additionally, it features a high-temperature intelligent alarm function and the ability to generate inspection reports. This versatile tool finds extensive application in the automotive aftermarket for inspecting components like the car evaporation box, combustion chamber, and three-way catalytic converter. It is also ideal for exploring challenging-to-reach narrow spaces, home pipelines, and other concealed areas that are difficult to observe.

Applications: Automotive Videoscopes

Features & specifications

Diameter: 6mm

Image Resolution: 960*720 / 1280*720 Tube Length: 1.0m

DOF: 20mm-∞ (6mm)

Light Source: LED

Illumination: 4 levels adjustment

Compatible: Android / IOS and other smart devices

Battery Working Time: ≈120 minutes

  • One million HD pixels, one key to take pictures and videos
  • High temperature intelligent alarm will shut down the device immediately
  • Wear-resistant hose
  • Automatic generation of professional test reports

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