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Dellon GM6150


The G-Mini series industrial videoscope represents an innovative nondestructive testing tool that combines optical technology, electronic expertise, precision machinery, and photo-micrography.



This product is designed for automotive video inspections but also suitable in confined spaces, enabling the visual detection of foreign objects, blockages, and defects within automotive engines (such as cylinder, piston, valve, and carbon deposit areas), hydraulic and pneumatic components, steel pipes, castings, and containers. Additionally, it is well- suited for applications in anti-terrorism, search operations, and other scenarios requiring small entrance peep inspections.

Optics inspection

The controller features a high-brightness LCD display, an ultra-compact camera, and advanced video signal processing, enhancing the visibility of detection results on the 4.3-inch LCD display. With high definition, reliability, stability, and exceptional field detection capability

Precision Machinery

The bending component consists of mechanical parts and allows for manual operation with a 360° all-way articulation. Simultaneously, it incorporates a self-locking function, facilitating one-handed and straightforward operation.

  • 4.3 inch HD display touch screen
  • 800*480 resolution
  • Modular design enables swift and easy probe replacement
  • 360° bending flexibility with wear-resistant damping
  • Tungsten braided insertion cable
  • HD 1,000,000 camera pixel module
  • Four working hours battery life
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation and portability

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