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Yateks P-Series High definition Industrial Endoscope

P-Series features a great CMOS sensor providing a very clear and high rendition image features. The brilliant, integrated LED allows for easy adjustable lighting to capture photos and videos in a variety of environmental conditions.

Technical Features:

  • With a 3D measurement system the P Series can accurately measure the size of defects through point-to-point, point-to-line, point-to-surface, area measurement;
  • Automatic locking and precise positioning;
  • 4-way 360° articulation with stepping function;
  • Built-in four colour modes
  • The insertion tube is braided with four layers of tungsten wire, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, and IP67 protection level;
  • The operating handle can be replaced at will, and fitted with multiple handles to meet different application requirements

Additional Features

  • A simple, easy to operate 8-inch industrial touch screen;
  • A customised support mechanism is set behind the host, no need to hold the host all the time during use;
  • The host and the scope are connected by quick intubation, and the maximum separation distance between the handle and the host can reach 2 meters, which is more adaptable on site;
  • Mini USB, large-capacity SD card, VGA interface (which allows it to be connected to a large-screen display) – making it easy for multiple people to analyse together;