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Yateks Digital N Series Endoscope


High definition, portable, flexible and diverse, that’s the features of upgraded YTE-Nseries industrial videoscope. 450,000 pixels with 5 inch high fidelity screen. Visual field can be detected completely. Six patents adopted to the body. Single, double and IR night vision lenses to choose.


Application field

  1. Aviation & Space Industry

    It can be used to inspect regularly turbine, blades, engine, surface of welding and conductorpipes, combustion chamber in plane or plane itself, and in development and manufacture of rocket.
  2. Electrical Production and Construction Unit

    It can be used to probe and monitor any defects of apparatus such as turbine, pipes.
  3. Petro‐Chemical and Pressure Container Industries

    It can be used to inspect reserve tanks, heat exchangers and tank trucks in oil refinery, pipes in chemical plant and containers, steel cylinders and pipes in special inspection unit and pressure container plant.
  4. Railway, Ship, Construction Engineering and Research Unit

    Railway/Ship: It can be used to inspect electrical locomotive, air-conditioner, turbine, heater, gas‐engine and flames of boiler.
  5. Construction Engineering:

    It can be used to inspect erosion and fouling of pipes, inter of wall, rust of concrete iron, break of support shaft and bridge connection part; to observe caves inside tunnel and construction model; to diagnose erosion and blockage of running water pipe.
  6. Research Unit:

    It can be used in observation, research, trial, archaeological work and etc.

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