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Yateks B+ Series Portable Industrial Borescopes

Yateks B+ Series portable automotive borescope is a professional detection instrument designed for diagnosis and maintenance. The 800*480 resolution ensures high-definition images for good restoration effect. Simple and refined operation, the borescope is easy to use and compact. The B+ series automotive borescope doubles as an engine cylinder borescope, not only a necessary tool for professionals in the auto repair industry for visual inspection, but also the perfect choice for every car lover who CARES about their health.

Technical Advantages:

  • Adopt a 4.3 inch IPS wide viewing angle screen: The 800*480 resolution with unique image processing technology, the picture quality is exquisite and clear. IPS wide angle viewing screen gives true colour representation, no reflection at any Angle, high brightness all designed to cope with the severe industrial testing environment;
  • Strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality system standard, approved CE, RoHS, product quality stable and reliable;
  • Optional diameter probe tube meets different testing requirement:

    3.7mm lens with a flexible tube;
    4.5mm lens with a rigid tube;
    5.5mm lens with a rigid tube;
    6mm dual lens with a rigid tube;

Additional Features:

  • Four times magnification function with rotatable image with freeze;
  • Unique function of strong light inhibition and weak light compensation:

    High light compensation (HLC): B+ series – as an engine borescope – can effectively inhibit the reflection of the light source, and improve the solution of metal detection;

    Back light compensation(BLC): In a weak light environment, B+ Series automotive borescope can see more details in dark areas by the exposure algorithm that improves image brightness
  • Unique environmental temperature detection function of 6mm dual camera, which detects the environmental temperature exceeding 75°C and will automatically disconnect the camera power and effectively protect the inserted tube;
  • Collects all digital and lossless video data completely;

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