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Sub-Floor Robots

Three models:


  • Comes with Go-Pro video camera mounted on a custom tilt bracket.
  • An additional camera is attached beside the Go-Pro to guide the user to drive the robot. 
  •  High powered led-lights provide good visibility in dark crawlspaces. 
  • RC controller and carry case included. 


  • 4 individual ball bearing planetary gear motors enabling the robot to go through rough surfaces with ease.
  • Splash proof design and build – providing access to surveyors to inspect underfloor areas, ceiling spaces, drains and culverts. 
  • High quality all-in-one RC controller and video display unit.


The most advanced Inspection Robot:

  • HD camera 
  • Thermal Imaging Camera that links to the custom app, allowing the user the ability to remotely inspect crawlspaces without risk to the health and safety of the operator.
  • Multiple sensors can be added making it even more versatile.


Dimensions:360 (L) x 360(W) x 170(H) mm
Weight:4.5 kg
Maximum payload weight:10 kg
Maximum road speed:10 km/hr
Speed in reverse: 10 km/hr
Ground clearance: 50 mm
Turning radius: 0 m

Technical Guides and Resources

There no documents available for this product.