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Coantec RB Infrared Thermal Borescope


Infrared probe can be bent, turned, extended and replaced.

Infrared image temperature measurement technology.

A perfect combination of borescope and infrared thermal imaging technology.

Exclusive technology and innovative design.

Temperature measurement:

  • Indicate and auto track the maximum and minimum temperature in the image.
  • DDE Image enhancing technology
  • Get clearer images
  • 2*2 temperature measurement at the central point
  • Palette: iron color, rainbow, grey

Replaceable insert tube,A great innovation in industrial endoscope industry:we use consumable material design of insert tube.

According to different inspection requirements,users can easily replace the insert tube between white light tube and infrared thermal tube, which can greatly reduce the using cost.

Key Specifications & Special Features

  • Infrared probe is bend & replaced
  • Borescope and infrared thermal imaging
  • Exclusive technology & innovative design
  • Photo & video

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