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Olympus Industrial Light Source Range

General Information

Increased Efficiency, brightness, robustness and portability

LED Light Source ILD-3
Miniature and portable

Originally designed to fit directly onto the MK Mini-scope this miniature, battery powered LED light source now comes with a host of accessories to increase its versatility. With the use of adaptors it can be fitted to a range of scopes, giving the Series 5 borescopes or fiberscopes a unique portability.

LED Light Source ILD-2
Bright and low powered

Directly competing with the high power halogen units in terms of brightness, but only using a fraction of the power – this light source provides a freedom of portability that only LED technology can offer. Coupled with the comprehensive range of scope adaptors available, this light source is the most versatile we have ever made.

ILD-C Control unit
Battery control unit

The ILD-C runs the ILD-2 or ILD-3 at their peak current, ensuring their brightest and safest performance, with no drop off over time. It also offers brightness control and prolonged run time from its rechargeable internal battery, negating the need for external power and providing a completely portable light source. A belt clip and ILD-2 holster are available as accessories converting the ILD-C into a conventional light source for use with fiberscopes and lightguides. The supplied desktop power supply will charge the ILD-C at the same time as running the attached ILD-2 or ILD-3, offering continuous use.

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