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Dellon G-PRO Industrial Videoscope


  • 720P megapixel high resolution, camera tip diameter can be customized to 10mm.
  • Support different interchangeable probes to quickly reconfigure different lengths and diameter(2 . 4 m m/4 m m/6m m/8m m) and different function, such as white light LEDs, UV LEDs, and infrared LEDs.
  • High definition 5 inches LCD monitor provided smooth, real, clear and stable dynamic and static inspection images.
  • Durable titanium alloy camera outer material, anti-corrosion and wear tungsten cable material.
  • Mechanical joystick control 360 ° articulation, easy and flexible operation.
  • Rotary fine-tuning step damper, make it easy and accurate to stop at the best viewing position.
  • White balance, AGC, exposure, image mode, monitor brightness, monitor contrast, and monitor proportion are adjustable.
  • Front-end LED optimized lighting system design, adjustable illumination level 5, rear­end high-brightness LED auxiliary illumination.
  • WIFI, input microphone,temperature sensor,photo stabilization,real-time image rotation,file rename and text note functions.

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