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6mm Endoscopes


HEINE Endoscopes simplify assembly work, location of loose components, evaluation of used or damaged vehicles and much more.

  • 6 mm shaft goes through small openings.
  • Improved all-round view with super wide-angle optics and 90° direction of view.
  • Direction of view: 70°.
  • Multi-coated achromatic optics for a brilliant, sharply-focussed image.
  • Focus eyepiece: the examiner can work without his glasses (up to ± 2.5 Diop.).
  • Bright, white XHL Xenon Halogen light at the tip of the endoscope from a vehicle’s own 12V supply or Accubox I.
  • Fully-portable and easy to use.
  • Applications: You can examine engines, gearboxes and differentials, manifolds, brakes, clutches, engine bays, chassis, cavities and much more.
  • Advantages: Rapid diagnosis without dismantling, improved time management and planning. Reduced costs with increased efficiency and less waste time. More efficient
  • parts ordering before dismantling.


Endoscope 6 x140 mmTotal length 226 mm, working length 138 mm T-05.26.301
Endoscope 6 x240 mm Total length 328 mm, working length 240 mm T-05.26.302
Endoscope 6 x320 mmTotal length 409 mm, working length 320 mm T-05.26.303
XHL Xenon Halogen spare bulb 12V T-05.88.095Leatherette case for 6 mm Endoscopes T-542.00.000

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