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SEMT-Pielstick Marine Propulsion Engines

As a result of accidental damage to the hull of 20,000 tonne ROR ferry while berthing under severe weather conditions, a tear in the port side plates allowed seawater to flood the engine room compartment.

During the process of assessing possible damage to machinery, Visiscope technicians were contacted to assist. As a result of the urgency, Visiscope technicians were on board the vessel within 2 hours of the call. The “brief” for the Visiscope technicians was to try to ascertain as to whether or not sea water had made ingress into the combustion chambers of the two main engines.

Working under adverse conditions & only temporary lighting, the camera inspection equipment was man handled into place and all 2 x 12 cylinder combustion chambers were viewed and recorded on video for the Marine project engineers.

The Visiscope technicians continued to work non-stop on board the vessel and into the night to complete their assigned task. In addition to finding the effects of sea water ingress, several “general wear & tear” defects were also captured on video.

The resulting inspection video and a comments spread sheet was able to be viewed at leisure by experienced marine engineers.