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Rubber Extruder Augers

A contractor specializing in immersion cleaning of components requested the help of Visiscope technicians to assess the internal condition of rubber extrusion augers. The 1.5 metre long, high tensile steel augers have a 10mm internally bored section over 95% of their length.

Up until the immersion dip cleaning process was considered, the cleanliness of the internal surfaces of the auger had been a constant, time consuming, costly task. The previous method of cleaning by way of wire rods, brushes etc were far from satisfactory. While the dip cleaning method had been suggested as a viable alternative, there was no way of knowing that such a process could remove all the rubber deposits inside the auger.

After the augers were treated by a series of processes, the Visiscope technicians arranged with the cleaning contractor to undertake an “after hours” NDT inspection of the cleaned augers using the 1.5m x 8.5mm dia fiber scope unit (monitor & video camera incl ).

The inspections found the internal surfaces to be commercially clean and free of rubberised material deposits. This finding was further reinforced to the immersion cleaning company customer representative by way of sharp and clear digital image video film.

As a result of using this technique the customer has the peace of mind satisfaction of knowing a solution has been found to a long-term problem. The resulting benefit for the immersion-cleaning contractor is in that they have successfully secured an on going contract.