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Multi Story Building Gas Flue Inspection

Visiscope were approached by a consulting engineer to help determine the internal condition of a gas flue structure. The gas flue centrally located in the building structure has been in service for several decades and currently provides discharge for bi products of “combusted” Natural Gases, and in its early years combusted diesel fuel bi products.

Visiscope assisted the consulting engineers by scoping the flue and building and the developing an approved job process & safety procedure. Because of the location & height of the building, the task of inspecting the flue had to coincide with ideal weather conditions and it also had to be inspected on a Sunday.

A 51mm x 360 degree viewing lens operating on a 20-metre fibre optic cable was used for this task. The technicians working from specially designed scaffolding, lowered the lens down through the flue while monitoring the process while filming and viewing a purpose designed monitor.

Although wind gust of 25-30 knots were ongoing through out this task, the viewing lens operated perfectly due to the use of an “in house designed & built” guide wand.

Satisfactory video filming of the flues internal surfaces has enabled the consulting engineers to complete their appraisal of the building.