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Marine Tug Engine Inspection

Visiscope were invited to demonstrate the application of a RVI camera with a view to the Tug operators considering including NDT as part of their extended engine operation between survey inspections.

The 5 meter length video scope unit was used to inspect two of the port main engine combustion chambers and the compressor inlet end of the P.E. turbo blower. Regretfully the inspection time available was reduced due to a change in port ship movement schedules.

After viewing the video several times, the engines were uncertain as to whether or not a premature exhaust valve failure was about to occur. However rather than remove the cylinder head, Visiscope technicians offered to carry out another inspection of the “suspect” combustion chamber.

The second inspection concentrated in more detail on the exhaust valves in the “open position”. This then enabled the engineers to reassess their opinion and fortunately by comparing both sets of images, carbon deposits were determined as being the culprit and not “guttering” as originally thought.

The tug engineers are now considering other possible uses of NDT camera inspection techniques for thier maintenance program.