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Dycore Concrete Floor Water leak Survey

A large Auckland based construction company ran into difficulties trying to locate water leakage paths to a newly constructed car park building. The leak was frustrating the site management staff as they could not locate the leakage paths. The newly placed dycore precast concrete floor units consisted of a series of hollow cores. A small hole was drilled into the soffit of the leaking dycore panel in question. The photo to the right hand side shows the release of trapped water. Once the cavity was drained a 6mm videoscope was inserted into the cavity void. The photo on the left shows a displaced plastic stop end cap. During the placement of the concrete floor the plastic stop end cap had become dislodged enabling concrete to enter the hollow core. Water seepage during the video inspection showed a key leakage path. This enabled the construction company to successfully carryout a targeted repair

Displaced plastic stop end cap