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Commerical Building Window Fixings

Concerns were raised by the tenants of a high rise building that the exterior window frames to there particular floor were moving in an inward and outward direction during windy conditions.

It was discovered that the window cill fixings had failed. The cause of this was unknown. Because of this failure it was necessary to investigate the causes.

In order to view a number of cill fixings the window system would have to be dismantled. This would prove to be a long & costly process and would also be extremely disruptive to tenants. It was decided to conduct a RVI inspection by drilling a series of small holes into the cill section. This enabled access to view the internal cavities of the window systems.

The inspection revealed that corrosion was well advanced into numerous fixings in random locations. Because a pattern of failure was developing to some isolated areas it was decided to add new fixings to the entire window systems. Should further window fixing failures occurred, under extreme weather conditions a series of accidents may well have resulted.