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Building Services Mechanical Plant – Hot water boiler inspection

The engineering manager of an export meat company was concerned about the condition of the internal “water jacket” condition of thier boiler. This concern came about as a result of the discovery that the boiler water conditioner treatment unit had malfunctioned, thus creating the uncertainty about steel plate surface condition etc.

Due to the limited time available for inspection, the Visiscope technicians operated from the top of the boiler using the 1.5m long fibrescope camera unit. Once the water level was lowered to 50% the camera was inserted in through the expansion valve mounting port and around both sides of the rear section of the boiler drum.

The resulting inspection indicated that some mild break out corrosion and tracking erosion had taken place, and that the new conditioner protection treatment process appeared to be depositing onto the steel surface satisfactorily.

The video film of the inspection was then viewed by the maintenance engineers, this left them with “peace of mind” that they would continue to operate the boiler without the need for a costly strip down inspection.